Thursday, 26 December 2013

Of Resolutions and Deep Commitments to Oneself

Recently we had an interesting discussion in a small but pretty intense group of entrepreneurs and coaches. Subject was- "New Year Resolutions- Why do we create them and why, most of them fail their fructification?” Conclusions were deep. We create resolutions to express ourselves. Through those achievements- we are really reflecting on who we are and who we actually want to be. And resolutions invariably fail when they miss connect between our core and deepest yearning.

So, which part of my potential wants to manifest? What is the promise of 2014? What is energy of 2014? Which are those deepest gifts of mine that are eager to blossom and bloom in the times and seasons of 2014?

Wishing you all a Great Discovery and Happy Holiday Season J


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  1. Thanks Rajesh..:)
    Yes..its important to have that perfect alignment between who we actually are and who we want to be...!
    Wanting to change yourself and better yourself is a beautiful and inspiring thing I believe. Many times we fail with our resolution simply because they aren’t realistic. Instead, they’re only wishful thinking, with no way to make them actually happen. For example, you might resolve to make a crore rupees this year, but if you don’t have any way to earn it, it probably isn’t going to happen. Other resolutions fail because we aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to reach them. But the real problem is within ourselves -- within our own hearts and minds. We’d all like to be better people. I think it’s better to create a habit instead of making a resolution.
    The best part of creating a new habit or making a small change towards ‘wellness’ is the mandate to celebrate every time you do it. It’s absolutely necessary to reinforce the new behavior with a congratulatory fist bump, a silent cheer (unless you’re in a place where you can use your outside voice), or even a proclamation to someone handy.
    Let’s all have a happy 2014… Acquire a new habit using our intention….Making it a good one! And have some fun It’s not healthy to be serious all the time…!