Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Relationship between Goals and Values

Recently there was an interesting discussion in a group on ‘Relationships between Goals and Values’.

This post presents summary of interesting points:

Goals are understood and seen in the context of Action-Behavior, Time and Space.

Values are deeper and spread on a larger time canvass- many times through the entire life span of an individual

Goals that are in alignment with values, provide deeper connect with self-purpose and thus become meaningful.

Opposite may not give sense of satisfaction; they can be very transactional, overwhelming or draining.

Connect between Values-Purpose and Goals is very important. If certain Goals do not inspire us, if they do not give an Emotional Drive or Sense of Purpose- then it is a very good idea to sit back and reflect- “Is it really worth it? What is the trade off in accepting this goal with respect to time and effort? Should I be rather doing something else?”

Answers to these simple and powerful questions can be surprize you/

Just try it out!



Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gift of Presence

We keep running to achieve something, to become something.

Not enough time is spent on fathoming the depths within.

Not enough time is given to be present for ourselves.

There are precious, priceless jewels of compassion, empathy, respect and understanding lying for a very long time.

Waiting to be discovered- or waiting to be polished.

In leadership, communication and coaching, great deal of importance is given to Presence.

Presence is a wonderful gift that we can offer to other individual.

I think we also need to offer the gift of our presence to ourselves, more frequently- and that’s  something extremely beautiful that we can do to ourselves.



Saturday, 6 July 2013

Is Empathy Trainable?

In one of the Training related e-groups, someone posted a question “Is Empathy Trainable?”

It evoked interesting responses- while most of the answers were affirmative, there were a few opined that Empathy is not trainable.

I thought it was an interesting question and it would be worthwhile to understand what Empathy is and what we understand by “Training”

Empathy is defined “as the capacity to recognize emotions that are experienced by other sentient or fictional being”. Empathy is a very powerful attribute or competence for those who especially are in the field of ‘human profession’- like management, counseling, mentoring, psychotherapist, healing, coaching, nursing etc.

Empathy is innately present in human beings and I’d dare say, that in some animals- it can be much more developed than human beings. Those who have pet dogs and (treat them well) may agree with my statement.

Empathy is to be discovered- it is to be explored. It cannot be shifted or transferred from one individual to another. One needs to suspend judgment, be in the same space of emotions and awareness of other being to empathize. Developing empathy is a powerful developmental experience for an individual.

If the ‘Empathy training’, has elements of exploration, discoveries, suspending judgment- being present completely with other person- then yes, Empathy can be trained.      

Would love to learn your views!

-          Rajesh