Saturday, 9 November 2013

Living in Alignment with one’s own Essence

Recently I attended a Transformational Workshop. It was deep, intensive work and facilitator had great deal of value to offer. All the participants were quite accomplished in their respective areas and had their own objectives, unique to themselves in terms of potential takeaways.

It was quite a rich and humbling experience to go through the process myself as a participant, as an observer and active contributor to the workshop and to my fellow participants.

The most striking takeaway for me was to see how life starts falling in place when individual gets in touch with his/her own Essence and starts lining in accordance with it. We struggle to find clarity, right motivation- we try and put some structures/order to get results and yet come out frustrated as they fail to provide solutions.

On the other hand, when we drop struggle and get centered and aligned with our Essence- magic starts happening. Mind gets quitter, inner noise subsides, and Intellect loses its arrogance and becomes available for a matured enquiry- and new potentials open up. In the workshop I experienced and saw this magic happening.

Sounds like great esoteric stuff! But what is the essence? Where to find it? And it is the same for all?

Spiritualist and quantum physicists would say that Essence at its ultimate level is the same for all. For practical level, Essence is quite individual and unique. Living in accordance with the same brings us great learning, joy, evolution and also presents our unique gifts to the world. Living in accordance with our Essence thus pretty much becomes the lifelong mission- rather the only worthy assignment.   

And this is applicable at the organizational levels also. Breakthroughs happen, large and complex projects get implemented in miraculous ways when interventions, strategies or projects are aligned with the Essence of the organization. Things do not work well, no matter whether biggest of the consulting firms are engaged or how many millions of dollars are invested.

For Leaders, Managers and Coaches, there is a great value to understand this principle and put it in living- every single day!

So, what is your Essence?

I invite you to find it out J



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