Thursday, 2 January 2014

How do you want to show up in the New Year?

Time traveled faster, world came closer and we already are in 2014! Having seen the days of radio, black and white TV and solid landline telephone instruments [mostly black in color with white number dialJ]-today’s world appears nothing short of a wonderland. Technology has beautifully taken care of the most mundane and repeated processes. Squatting in a crowded marketplace, a fish vendor (read Macchhi wali in Hindi) or vegetable vendor (subzi wala) effortlessly update Facebook status and seven-eight years old kids are up-to date with latest X-box versions. Something beautiful is happening here! Our interfaces are becoming more human. There is a great interest in individual ideas, expressions, and interpretations. For every type- there is a community, there is an audience and there are cheerleaders. These times applaud you to be what you are, and expect more to reveal your uniqueness.


I asked this question to myself- “New Year is already would you like to show up in 2014?” Ask this question to yourself...attempt’s fun!





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