Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Relationship between Goals and Values

Recently there was an interesting discussion in a group on ‘Relationships between Goals and Values’.

This post presents summary of interesting points:

Goals are understood and seen in the context of Action-Behavior, Time and Space.

Values are deeper and spread on a larger time canvass- many times through the entire life span of an individual

Goals that are in alignment with values, provide deeper connect with self-purpose and thus become meaningful.

Opposite may not give sense of satisfaction; they can be very transactional, overwhelming or draining.

Connect between Values-Purpose and Goals is very important. If certain Goals do not inspire us, if they do not give an Emotional Drive or Sense of Purpose- then it is a very good idea to sit back and reflect- “Is it really worth it? What is the trade off in accepting this goal with respect to time and effort? Should I be rather doing something else?”

Answers to these simple and powerful questions can be surprize you/

Just try it out!



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