Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Coaching Diaries- Dancing in the Moment with the Client

I came across this wonderful expression- “Dancing in the moment with the Client”. I think it captures the beauty of client centered coaching approach.
Focusing entirely on the client during the coaching session, listening- feeling what he/she is expressing and partnering in expanding his/her own awareness about oneself is a wonderfully fulfilling process.

When a leader or a coach, partners with a client to bring out the better or best out of him/her- the relationship in itself become transcendental. There is commitment to growth, expansion and touching higher realm within oneself.   

It offers a great opportunity to the Coach to practice selflessness. A powerful coaching session invariably energizes the Coach to be fully alive in each moment- be fully Aware of the Client- and oneself. And living in Awareness is beautiful!

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